4) How did you use new media technologies and interlink them in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Research and Planning

To view my prezi presentation on the technologies I used during the research and planning stage, click the image below.


To find out about the different types of technologies used during the construction stage of my poster, magazine and trailer, glogster poster below.


To view the technology I interlinked in the evaluation stage, click the glogster image below.


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3) What have you learned from your audience feedback for your film, poster and film magazine?

To view how we used audience research in the initial idea and how it effected our production click the video below.

Below are links to the questionnaire, results and poll junkies we used to get audience feedback on our film idea.


As our idea developed further we presented it target audience and recorded their feedback.  We did this in large groups or in one to one interviews.  This was useful in allowing us to get quick responses which helped us develop our idea.

We did separate research to decide on our final magazine and poster layout.  We initially did research individually into posters and magazines that either reflected the genre of film we were going to make or that reflected the independent style of the film.  Using this research we were able to create an effective magazine and front cover.

To summaries overall how I found sudience research, listen to the voki below.

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2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Below is an image that shows how all parts of our promotional package are linked.

Click the image below to view my prezi about how Hard Cady and Shutter Islands promotional packages interlink with each other,  and a more detailed evaluation of how all the promotional package of Leo’s Destiny linked together.

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1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Does it fit the conventions of your genre?

To view how my promotional package fits in with the conventions of a psychological drama, click the image below.

The video below is from the GoAnimate site and summarises how the trailers Hard Candy and Leo’s Destiny are similar.

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Shutter Island – Overall Package

I studied another overall advertisement package where the film was similar to my genre, being a psychological thriller.  Luckily Shutter Island had all three elements of the package being posters, a trailer, and a magazine front cover.

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Hard Candy – Overall Package

The Overall Package is part of the marketing campaign to do with advertising.  It usually includes numerous posters, a trailer, and a magazine front cover.  Hard Candy unfortunately was unable to secure a magazine front cover, but i was able to analyse a poster and the trailer.

Below is an annotation of one of the posters for the Hard Candy film.  It explains what conventions of a generic poster are present and which are specific to the poster and its genre.

Also, I have analysed the trailer to show the outline of how a psychological thriller should be edited.

As there is not a magazine front cover for this film I analysed the film ‘Green Zone’, an action thriller, which was on the front cover of ‘Empire’.

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Detailed Analysis of the ‘Changeling’ Trailer

 Below is the trailer ‘Changelng’ followed by my analysis of it.  This has been usful in developing ideas for our own trailer.

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